Media Monitoring

Track and analyze online mentions of your brand and how users respond. Social media monitoring ensures you remain on top of your message. We provide SM monitoring solutions for SMEs, the FMCG industry, crisis management and social media listening.

Broadcast & Post Production

Nothing drives us crazier than designing a broadcast facility and reviewing workflows to skillfully design and integrate a solution that scales as required. Studio Production, Post Production and Media Management are where our heart is.

Archive and Media Asset Management

The progress of Media Asset Management in the large volumes of global media assets has been in demand and continues to grow. As some of you have entirely different approaches to managing media workflow, you can check the reliability and quality of our MAM Solutions.

Production and Storage Systems

Find the best storage for your requirements for backup, archive shared storage and nearline dedicated to 4K film and video post-production and content creation workflows. We bring capital savings, easy maintenance, and deliver high performance.

Monitoring and Analyzing Systems

In this region, having the ability to monitor and analyze the signal integrity tailored to the video retrieval and search needs of broadcasters, media monitoring services, and government agencies is a must, especially regarding political and commercial issues. We bring compliance workflows, as well as AI and ML competencies, to production.

Disaster Recovery

Many organizations don’t have disaster recovery strategies in place for revenue-generating workflows. We provide solutions and consultancy for Disaster Recovery strategies within the broadcast and post-production verticals.

Content Engineering & Management Systems

We can help media companies manage their content supply chain more effectively. We will provide solutions to modernize your content supply to leap over traditional revenue complications such as touch points and revenue leakage.

System Integration and Consultancy

We provide support through every stage of your system launch. We are positioned to design and implement various optimized workflows for our clients. After conducting a thorough analysis based on the requirements and specifications laid out by a client, Wecom Global can plan, design, build and deliver the most optimized and cost-effective solutions.

Salesforce Integration

Wecom Global can help set up your salesforce environment with the automation, customization and integration capabilities needed, enabling you to grow your business on a single platform.


Bring your telecommunication network to the future with Wecom Global. We can help you optimize your network’s health and performance. In this day and age, network downtime is very detrimental, we provide several monitoring solutions to ensure your networks remain available and reliable.