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Today, increased competition, the drive to HD conversion, and the urgent need to reach audiences through new delivery methods create unprecedented challenges and opportunities for broadcasters of every size. Avid workgroup solutions streamline a wide array of routine tasks in a unified production environment, so editors, producers, journalists, assistants, and managers can focus on what they do best.

System Monitoring

HD Production
Challenge: Centrally manage all connected components
Solution: System-wide health monitoring and diagnostic logging
The Avid Interplay nonlinear workflow engine includes health monitoring and diagnostic logging capabilities. System administrators can centrally view the status of all of the systems that are part of the Avid workgroup, or log in at any client and monitor the entire workflow from anywhere on the network. An administrator can also set thresholds that are used to trigger system warnings and even send notifications.
Diagnostic logging capabilities allow administrators to view a system’s vital information such as hardware configuration, processes running, processor utilization, and disk status from a central location, so system managers can identify the exact source and location of a potential failure without trial-and-error delays.

Dual Ingest

HD Production
Challenge: One feed, mulitple needs
Solution: Simultaneous multi-res encoding
With Interplay Low-Res Encode, facilities can create low-resolution versions of incoming footage simultaneously with the high-resolution capture and store them directly to an Avid Unity media network for workgroup access. Avid Interplay tracks all the captured resolutions as a single element, simply, easily, and transparently – eliminating format and resolution confusion for all connected systems.
Automatic encoding of the same asset in multiple resolutions saves time, frees editing systems to do critical production work, and ensures that each user is working with the most efficient and best-quality material.

Playout automation

HD Production
Challenge: Error-free playout from multiple devices
Solution: Automation-assisted playout from any NRCS rundown
Avid iNEWS Command eliminates guesswork, minimizes ramp-up time, and reduces on-air transmission errors, accurately triggering playout video, CG, and clip, and still store events based on newscast rundowns from the Avid iNEWS NRCS, from ENPS, and from any other MOS-enabled playlist.
The multi-resolution intelligence of the Avid Interplay nonlinear workflow engine means that when stations send sequences directly to air, the right resolution and format will be automatically transferred to the video server – and only the authorized media will play to air.

Archive and retrieval

HD Production
Challenge: Quickly archive and retrieve media
Solution: Integrated archive and retrieval
The Avid Interplay Access client can simultaneously search online Avid Unity storage and deep archive. Intelligent tracking of archived material allows users to work with low-resolution proxies of archived media, automatically restoring just the parts needed during final render.
Editors or Interplay Access users can archive media using a simple “Send to Archive” command, or the Interplay Auto Archive feature to trigger an archival storage process. This integration makes it easy to archive media and metadata in their native editing formats, while allowing editors to easily locate archived media directly from the editing interface.

Remote Workgroups

HD Production
Challenge: Work with stored material from remote sites
Solution: Expanded access to centralized assets
The Avid Interplay system provides deep visibility into networked assets for authorized users at remote sites, affiliate stations, or even satellite trucks with an Internet connection. Administrators at the primary site sets up privileges, permitting selected users to log into the Interplay system and easily navigate media such as video and audio clips, scripts, and graphics files.
The Interplay Transfer application lets users swiftly move media to and from another workgroup or archive, move files between locations, and exchange media with supported third-party systems—all in the background.

Multi-res Transcode

HD Production
Challenge: Achieve maximum quality with less bandwidth
Solution: Intelligent background transcoding and relinking
If a user needs either a high- or low-resolution version of a media asset, the Interplay Transcode service can be invoked from within the editor. The correct resolution is created in the background and – with the dynamic re-link feature available only with Avid Interplay – made instantly available to the user without searching for the material. When the sequence is sent to a high-resolution playback device, all material is automatically transcoded to the target resolution.
With the Avid Interplay system’s support for multiple resolutions, connected editing systems have immediate access to the right material at the right resolution, right at their fingertips.

Web and IP-based Delivery

Challenge: Easily re-purpose video and text content
Solution: Simultaneous publishing and formatting tools
Only one tool is so tightly integrated that it publishes video, audio, graphics, and text to the Web and other IP-based delivery points, automatically, in parallel with newscast production. With Avid Active ContentManager, stations can put their news content online quickly and cost-effectively at the same time it’s produced for the newscast—without adding extra resources.
And the Avid nonlinear workflow takes news stories one step further: using the Avid Active ContentManager system to create Web page templates based on the station's existing branding and page design, stories on the Web site can be dynamically generated, updated, and archived for a richer audience experience.

Logging and review

HD Production
Challenge: Accelerate preproduction and improve accuracy
Solution: Desktop-based logging with reliable annotation
With the Avid Interplay Assist application, producers, assistants, and others can easily and quickly log incoming feeds or stored media for a streamlined shot-selection/fast turnaround workflow without having to tie up edit suites. Interplay Assist users can even send the sequence directly to playout – moments after it has been captured.
Every level of user—from assistant to producer—can add locators with simple keystrokes, enter descriptive annotations, and even use shortcut keys to describe shots. Users can create custom fields for a specific workflow to communicate with editors or anyone in the production process. Journalists and editors who access clips automatically see all information entered previously.

FTP clip browser

HD Production
Challenge: Tapeless device editing
Solution: Drag-and-drop access to external device clip lists
The Avid FTP clip browser lets Avid editors browse the contents of an external server or a tapeless device, including XDCAM material. The editor simply views the list of media, then drags and drops the selections into selection pane, which automatically transfers the clips into the project.
As soon as clips enter the editing system connected an Avid Unity ISIS, Avid Unity MediaNetwork, or Avid Unity LANshare environment, they are instantly available to everyone on the network for logging, editing, and playout.

Shared Media Network

HD Production
Challenge: Accelerate shared media production
Solution: Nonlinear workflow management on a shared media backbone
The Avid Unity family of shared media networks provides real-time shared storage integrated with a wide array of time-saving workflow functions fully tested for up to 150 connected systems. With the advent of Avid Interplay, the world’s first nonlinear workflow engine, broadcasters can dramatically streamline production tasks, including capture, logging, editing, transcoding, asset management, administration, and archive.
Integrated with the industry’s foremost creative tools and powered by integrated asset, workflow, and security management, Avid Unity shared media networks now provide more enhanced access, efficiency, and flexibility to broadcasters—in any size market—than ever before.


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