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Celebrating over twelve years as a leader in MPEG video encoding and decoding technology, products and services, Vela is an Emmy® award winning company providing high-quality products and solutions for the professional broadcast and cable industries, enterprise and special purpose video delivery organizations.

Vela MPEG SD Encoder, MPEG HD Decoder, Video Servers, Design Services and EAS Gear Logo Vela's product offerings range from board-level encoding and decoding solutions to complete video server systems supporting the TV industry's transition to digital technology and high definition (HD).

Formally launched as a commercial entity in 1994, Vela is headquartered in Clearwater, FL, USA.


Vela is a pioneer in the development of MPEG video compression technology. We offer a complete range of broadcast and professional quality, standard and high definition, MPEG video encoder and decoder boards. Vela boards have been embedded in some of the most advanced video server platforms in the world, including SeaChange and Toshiba.

HD Encoder - Argus HD Vela's SD and HD encoders can be found under the Argus product family name and are used by video professionals worldwide in broadcast, streaming and content creation solutions. Where video quality, stability and reliability are of paramount importance, professionals know that they can rely on Vela's attractively priced encoding technology and solutions.

HD Decoder - CineView HD Pro Vela HD and SD decoders can be found under two product family names. PCI based decoders are under the CineView product name, and SCSI based decoder boards are under the CineCast name. Both are used by video professionals worldwide in broadcast, streaming and content creation solutions. Professionals know that they can rely on Vela's attractively priced decoding technology, specifically, where video quality, stability and reliability are of paramount importance.

Video Server - Vela MediaAdvantage Video Server Vela also applies its' core technology to design and manufacture end user products, including advanced video servers like the multi-format MediaAdvantage Server family. This high-density video server symbolizing the ultimate in versatility, and based upon next generation technologies is designed to support a host of standard (SD) and high-definition (HD) encoding and decoding solutions.

The Vela engineering team has successfully taken on a number of projects to meet particular customer requirements. These projects range from the addition of a feature to an existing Vela design, through specific customization of a Vela board, to ground-up designs to meet unique client specifications.

In addition to video encoding and decoding products, Vela offers Security Announcement products, Information Messaging and Emergency Alert System (EAS) products under the Frontline product family

 1.  Argus PCI Encoders

The Argus PCI-based family of professional MPEG-2 encoders are designed to compress video and audio on PAL or NTSC or television formats. Vela encoders are available on a board level with a software development kit (SDK) for building your own application or with ready to go end-user RecordAdvantage software.

Vela encoders are also available as part of an integrated MediaAdvantage System.

- Dolby® Digital Audio
- PAL or NTSC Video Playback Formats
- East-to-use RecordAdvantage End-user Eoftware Application
- Genlock Input
- MPEG SD Encoder Solutions
- MPEG HD Encoder Solution
- Windows® 32 bit COM Software Developer's Kit with Sample Applications


MPEG Video Decoders

 a)  CineView and CineCast Decoders

The CineView PCI-based family of professional decoder boards are designed to facilitate playback of compressed video and audio on NTSC or PAL systems. CineView HD decoders and SD decoders are available as stand alone boards with optional SDK (Software Developers Kit), for those wishing to create their own application.

For those preferring a ready-to-use product, CineView decoders are available with PlayAdvantage end-user software or as part of an integrated MediaAdvantage system.

- Dolby® Digital Audio
- PAL or NTSC Video Playback Formats
- Genlock Input
- MPEG SD Decoder Solutions
- MPEG HD Decoder Solutions
- Support for Close Captioning
- Windows® 32 bit COM Software Developer's Kit with Sample Applications

 b)  CineCast SCSI Decoders

The CineCast SCSI based family of professional HD decoder and SD decoder systems are designed to support MPEG-2 single channel and multi-channel playback applications.

- Integrated, single board, broadcast & studio quality audio/video decoders
- Rackmountable 1-RU Chassis
- PAL or NTSC Video Playback Formats
- Genlock input
- MPEG SD Decoding Solutions
- MPEG HD Decoder Solution
- Multiboard Playback Supported
- Windows® 32 bit COM Software Developer's Kit with Sample Applications



MediaAdvantage Video Servers

The Vela MediaAdvantage video server family is the definitive platform for multi-format, multi-function video decoding and encoding. These versatile video servers are designed to support Vela's extensive video encoding and decoding options and are based on the latest hardware and software technologies available.

Whether you need standard (SD) or high definition (HD) decoding, single channel or multi-channel decoding, simultaneous multi-stream encoding or transcoding, the MediaAdvantage servers are integrated, ready-to-use video server solutions that support multiple combination designed around your needs. Available in three models, as the classic MediaAdvantage server in a space saving 2-RU chassis, the new highly configurable DELLâ„¢ based server in a 2-RU chassis, and the high density MediaAdvantage 5000 in a 4-RU chassis.

Vela MediaAdvantage - SD and HD Video Server SolutionsThe ready-to-use MediaAdvantage systems include integrated MediaAdvantage software, an intuitive easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface) application designed around Microsoft's .Net architecture. This full-featured software is comprised of powerful software modules designed to make the most of the MediaAdvantage systems. Software modules include PlayAdvantage, for effortless video playback; RecordAdvantage for facilitating the encoding process; CommandAdvantage for hands-off software control of external devices; and ConnectAdvantage, a flexible connectivity and viewing tool.

Adding to the versatility of multiple encoding and decoding options, the MediaAdvantage servers include internal RAID storage or support for external NAS storage options for extra large capacity storage needs.



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