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Screen Subtitling Systems started life back in 1976 as Screen Electronics. Under its founder, Laurie Atkins, Screen pioneered and launched the first ever electronic subtitling system, providing the first digital character generator to the BBC.Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Screen continued to lead the market, developing a number of new subtitling technologies including fully automated transmission (time code), the very first PC based subtitle preparation system and the first multi-channel, multi-language subtitling systems.The late 1980s and early 90s were a time of organizational change for the company as the name changed to Screen Subtitling Systems and the company was acquired by Subtitling International, Sweden.

The 1990s also saw Screen go from strength to strength with a range of cutting edge technologies and products. In 1997 two new groundbreaking systems were launched to the market; the Imitext encoder and Vidcache (hard disc video and audio caching). In 1998 Screen worked with Thomson, NDS (Tandberg), DiviCom and Philips, becoming 1st choice provider for UK DTT providing 130 channels of DVB subtitling during just 2 years. In 2001 Screen took subtitling technologies into the 21st Century with their Polistream transmission and Poliscript preparation products. In 2004, Screen was acquired by Warburg Pinkus and now forms part of the SDI Media group of companies. Screen Subtitling Systems is now the number 1 provider of subtitling services in the world. Our commitment to high quality products and dedication to our customers has firmly fixed Screen as the number one provider of subtitling systems in the world.

Dedicated subtitle preparation software

Poliscript 3000 is the basis for the entire range of subtitle preparation products which together offer everything from a simple subtitle authoring and checking workstation to an integrated multi-user all digital subtitle preparation environment with tapeless video handling.

Operating in the Windows environment and using the latest software video and audio facilities Poliscript offers all subtitlers and broadcasters a powerful tool to prepare and check multi-language subtitles in the minimum time. Poliscript supports all styles of subtitling including DVD, DVB, Open, Imitext, Teletext and Closed Caption and all media genre including drama, film, news and sport.

Utilising a WYSIWYG display with subtitles displayed and edited in their true position over the video image there is never any doubt about what the finished output will look like.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Edit text WYSIWYG in video window
  • Subtitle list box with video thumbnails (requires SV3)
  • Audio wave form bar for simple cueing (requires SV3)
  • Subtitle time line bar with simple editing of cue points
  • Reading speed indicators
  • Spell check for Latin/Cyrillic/Arabic (requires MS Word)
  • Networked operation for use with Screen Subtitling transmission systems
  • Email delivery of subtitle files from within Poliscript
  • Comprehensive help system
  • Status bar including: Subtitle total, typing mode, time code, edit mode

A range of tools can be added to Poliscript 3000 to further enhance productivity including software video caching, dedicated subtitle keyboards and tapeless preview copy generation.
For tape mastering SD and HD graphics inserters and Teletext inserters are available to work with Poliscript 3000.

Language Support
Poliscript supports a wide range of languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese , Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Greek and Thai. See the Language List for more details.

Video Support
Poliscript 3000 does not include video caching. Live video from tape can be displayed via a video input card (not included). The SV3 option supports full video caching.

Subtitle Files Supported
Poliscript supports a wide range of subtitle file formats for both input and output in many character codings including ASCII, JIS, Big 5 and Unicode. See Data Sheet for a full list.

Tape Mastering
Poliscript 3000 supports direct output to the Poliscript G3 SD graphic inserter, Poliscript G5 HD & SD graphics inserter or Polistream T3000 VBI inserter to generate SDI master tapes with either burnt in or Teletext subtitles. Closed Caption (Line 21) can also be supported with a separate encoder.

Poliscript 3000 includes DVD output to most common DVD authoring formats including Sonic, Spruce, Scenarist and Panasonic.

Live to air
Poliscript 3000 can be used with a Polistream subtitle transmission system to manually cue subtitles direct to air. In this mode the Poliscript 3000 is connected via an Ethernet network to the transmission system and subtitle files are cued to air one subtitle at a time. This is typically used in a News environment where there has not been time to prepare and time the subtitles.

Productivity Enhancements
  • Edit text WYSIWIG in video window
  • Subtitle list box with video thumbnails (requires SV3)
  • Audio waveform bar for simple cueing (requires SV3)
  • Subtitle time line bar with simple editing of cue points.
  • Reading speed indicators
  • Spell check (for Latin/Cyrillic/Arabic (requires MS Word to be installed)
  • Networked operation for use with subtitle transmission systems
  • Email delivery of subtitle files from within Poliscript
  • Comprehensive help system
  • Status Bar including: Subtitle total, Typing mode, Timecode type & Edit mode.


Productivity Enhancing Software

Based on our ground breaking vidcache technology, Poliscript SV3 is a software package which copies and stores the video, audio and timecode from the VCR onto the hard disk. This gives the operator instant access to any frame of video, including frame by frame stepping (forwards or backwards) with audio scrub to enable frame accurate cueing in an instant.

A key feature of the SV3 software is that the system will instantaneously record and playback, allowing work to begin immediately on start-up (rather than the user having to wait to load up the disk).

Key Features and Benefits

  • All software solution
  • Runs under Windows 2000 and XP
  • File delivery via CD, DVD-R/RW, LAN, WAN, email or download
  • Video capture using off the shelf video capture hardware
  • Support for most video compression formats
  • Display format MJPEG for high quality and frame by frame control
  • Single step forwards or backwards with audio scrubbing
  • Simultaneous capture/import and play for extra productivity
  • Direct access to FTP sites for simple video file transfer

Approximately 2.1 Gigabytes will store 1 hour of high quality video and audio, so a 60 Gigabyte drive can store 28 hours of video and audio. The display format is MJPEG which allows frame by frame control backwards or forwards and at any speed from single step to normal speed.

Productivity Enhancements

  • Ultra fast and standard speed forward and reverse playout of recorded video
  • Plays forwards and backwards at up to 100 times normal speed with audio
  • Jump key function to any time code
  • Go to subtitle number
  • Frame accurate freeze frame
  • Frame step/jump back

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