Play-To-Air Solutions
. DI and Post-Production
. On Air Graphics
. Audio Production
. Broadcast
. Subtitling
. Storage
. System Integration
. Media Automation

Avid Play-to-Air products offer the complete solution to meet the realities of today's broadcast environments. The Avid MediaStream server is trusted by broadcasters worldwide, delivering unmatched flexibility, video quality, workflow efficiency, and legendary on-air reliability.

Multichannel Playback

Challenge: Juggling multiple playout channels and devices
Solution: Integrated, scalable play-to-air media server
Unmatched 24/7 reliability with no single point of failure: that’s what Avid Play-to-Air solutions offer, every day, for every channel. Scalable Avid MediaStream servers provide efficient delivery of anything broadcasters need, from a few channels using dedicated storage to as many as 100 simultaneous channels using shared network storage configurations.
Supported by major automation, traffic, archive, and control protocol systems and vendors, Avid MediaStream servers are proven daily in some of the world’s largest multi-channel operations, providing seamless interoperation in a wide range of station, network, cable, and satellite play-to-air facilities.


SD/HD Delivery

Challenge: Cost-effective, flexible HD playout
Solution: Hybrid play-to-air servers
The Avid Play-to-Air solution features Avid MediaStream, the only video server to come standard with both native HD and native SD storage and playout capabilities—as well as built-in up and down conversion—providing the ultimate in flexibility and alleviating concerns about obsolescence in an HD world. Avid Play-to-Air solutions ensure that SD broadcasters are ready for the transition to HD without expensive new hardware purchases.

Live Events

Challenge: Real-time access to clips, stills, and graphics
Solution: Integrated graphics systems and production servers
The Avid Thunder product family redefines expectations for video production servers, combining multiple channels of video clips, keys, audio, and gorgeous Avid Deko graphics dynamically updated with real-time data feeds and fast-action user tools. Built from the ground up for live production environments, counting on Avid On-Air Graphics systems means that video clips are available for instant playback, text and graphics are fast and accurate —and on-air reliability is a fact of life.  And an affordable end-to-end complete news and graphics production solution for small markets, the Thunder Station combines the versatile Thunder MX production server, fast NewsCutter editing, brilliant Deko graphics creation, and Thunder Browse video and graphics management in a comprehensive - yet highly affordable – ingest-to- playout solution.



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