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Avid On-Air Graphics solutions integrate industry-leading broadcast graphics systems and live production servers with both the newsroom and broadcast production. The result is facility-wide access to branded visual templates and elements—from traffic to the promotions department to the journalists—and a more consistent and competitive channel identity in all news, sports and entertainment programming.

Direct Newsroom Graphics

Challenge : Rundown-accurate input and playback for graphics
Solution: Integrated, multi-device graphics control
The Avid news graphics workflow brings the Avid On-air Graphics solution to every desktop that needs it. Create graphic templates with the real-time Avid Deko broadcast graphics system and Avid PostDeko software. Add newscast captions, story quotes, or any other graphical text directly inside the script with the title tool in Avid iNEWS, and navigate Avid Deko and Avid Thunder thumbnails directly inside a single NRCS graphics browse window. And control multi-device graphics, stills, and clip playback from iNEWS Command —all integrated with your newscast.


Channel Branding

Challenge: Establish identity among growing number of channels
Solution: Replace multiple graphics systems with integrated solution
The Avid Broadcast On-Air Graphics solution offers a powerful single-box solution for delivering sophisticated SD and HD edge graphics and branding. Avid DekoCast is built for a broad variety of on-air edge applications including channel branding; in-program promotions and advertising; sophisticated credit sequences; and real-time, on-screen data-driven graphic and text displays from sources, including weather, news, sports, statistical, business, shopping, and entertainment feeds—even SMS messaging.



In-program Promos

Challenge: Run promos without losing valuable commercial time.
Solution: Automated edge graphics
Avid On-Air Graphics solutions tie promotional and brand graphics, effects, and audio clips directly to station automation and traffic systems with the DekoCast automated edge-graphics system. Broadcasters can simply select templates, customize fields, set schedules daily—automatically—and continually get the word out with in-program promos, keeping viewers in their seats.

Graphics Workflow

Challenge: Facility-wide access to graphic elements
Solution: Integrated graphics system and servers
Avid On-Air Graphics brand assurance tools allow visual image and style to be created and defined once with PostDeko desktop software and powerful Avid Deko systems, and then distributed across the production and delivery process. Avoid errors and ensure an efficient, consistent visual look across all your programming with Avid Deko graphics and effects, Avid DekoCast promotions, or Avid Thunder clips and stills, all triggered by your automation system.


Live Production

Challenge: Multiple sources always available.
Solution: Real-time, reliable live production servers
Avid On-Air Graphics solutions deliver results. With powerful real-time DVE effects, integrated Avid Deko titling, advanced database and search capabilities, a built-in sequencer, and comprehensive automation protocol and MOS support, Avid Thunder servers are built from the ground up for live production environments where video and graphics must be available for instant playback, and for critical on-air reliability.

Live Events

Challenge: Keeping pace with sports, entertainment, and other live productions
Solution: Sophisticated data-driven visuals
The Avid Thunder product family redefines expectations for video production servers, combining multiple channels of video clips, keys, audio, and gorgeous Avid Deko graphics dynamically updated with real-time data feeds and fast-action user tools.
Built from the ground up for live production environments, counting on Avid On-Air Graphics systems means that video clips are available for instant playback, text and graphics are fast and accurate —and on-air reliability is a fact of life.


MOS Workflow

Challenge: Efficiency for fast-paced newsroom graphics
Solution: A gateway between news and graphics assets
Avid On-Air Graphics solutions are designed to use the MOS protocol as a standard for communications between newsroom computer systems and graphics systems, clip servers, still stores, and character generators. Avid Deko, Avid Thunder, and Avid iNEWS ensure that the end-to-end MOS graphics workflow operates seamlessly from the desktop to transmission. With the Avid graphics browse feature, graphics, clips, and stills created by the art department are inserted directly into iNEWS or other NRCS scripts by the journalists inside a single window in the NRCS, and then at airtime, the entire rundown is triggered accurately, in order, and on time – with edits right up until air.


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