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Beehive Systems is a global leader in developing cutting-edge broadcast solutions meant to provide superior returns on the client’s investment. Their portfolio of end-to-end solutions is designed to deliver out-of-the-ordinary results in real-time 3D graphics, newsgathering, digital newsroom, interactive TV and digital logging and archiving.

With 15 years of broadcast expertise and a commitment to deliver maximum value to their clients, Beehive is the most respected name with international broadcasters like CNBC, Fox-promoted STAR News, KTRK, ESPN, Sony MAX, Astro, SCTV and many more. Beehive is the winner of the prestigious ‘Nasscom IT Innovation Award’ for 2004 and has featured in Microsoft’s 2006 list of innovative companies in India.

Wasp’3D, the real-time 3D graphics solution from Beehive, is a one of its kind technology that incorporates multiple functionalities in single software - from real-time 3D to chroma keying and virtual sets and from channel branding to 3D compositing and digital video effects. Wasp’3D is applicable for live news, weather, business and sports coverage.
Besides the six core solutions embedded in single Wasp’3d software, the solution is endowed with unique technological advantages including Programmable Palette Technology (PgP), Real-time Phong Shading, futuristic DirectX™ technology from Microsoft, compatibility with newsroom systems and more.

The Wasp3D|Enterprise solution is a Networked Workflow for graphics creation, content management and its on-air playout. It is ideally suited for Television Stations, Graphics Automation Developers, Production Houses which have multiple points of graphics delivery requirements (On-Air Graphics, NLE stations, Automated Graphics, Downstream Tickers etc.)
The Wasp workflow has been designed specifically for a broadcasters workflow. It has a scalable architecture for the distributed workflow and also integrates with existing newsroom solutions as a MOS activeX embedded control, thus providing extreme flexibility and control over data input, creation and playout.
The Wasp network allows authenticated users (be it journalists, editors or producers) to generate graphics on the fly by simply picking up pre-designed templates and adding data and playing it for real-time 3D graphics. The Wasp3D workflow streamlines graphics production manages content creation, distribution and On-Air Playout of day-to-day graphics. 

The Wasp3D|Lite is an entry level Realtime 3D solution, providing all the features of the enterprise edition, but limited by the number of client access. It brings the power of Real-Time 3D graphics to address multiple application areas - It is a Character Generator with extreme flexibility, a Compositor which works with Disk based video and with Live Input, a Chroma-Keyer, a Virtual Set Producer and a 3D animations package - ALL features available in ONE package. The Modular architecture allows you to upgrade to the Wasp3D|Enterprise solution at any time.

Application Areas

Television Newscast (especially when LIVE) requires a fast and flexible delivery mechanism, without compromising on the Graphics quality. Graphics form the backbone of News presentations – they provide a structured display of data, alert information, background facts, wire/data-feed statistics etc. in an intelligible manner to its viewers. At any given time, the amount of information that needs to go On-Air, far exceeds the capability of current graphics systems – the issues ranging from the inability to handle multiple sources of data inputs, multiple playout points, networked access and control of graphics content, to the limitations of existing workflow capabilities.

The Wasp3d Enterprise solution has been designed to address all these issues. The Enterprise solution is essentially a flexible, networked and a highly scalable Workflow solution. It brings the power of Graphics automation, allowing non-graphics personnel to create and deliver On-Air Graphics. The multiple delivery points in a News Station eg. Tickers for Downstream Graphics, Full Frame Graphics at the Production Control, Graphics for News Stories being edited on the NLE stations are some of the locations where the SDI I/O Playout engine can reside. The networked content input stations allows everyone on the Wasp network to contribute data, by choosing the appropriate graphics published by the artists, and appending the variable graphics data. The Wasp components are modular and act as building blocks, allowing News Stations to easily scale to the next level by adding more licenses.

Usage Examples: Aston Bands, Live Dogs, Reporting Graphics, Bugs, Clocks, Headlines, Breaking News Straps, News Update Straps, Lower-Third Tickers, Financial Tickers, Program Stings & Montages, ....

Financial Stock graphics brings forth a unique example of presenting and managing the enormous data transactions that happen in today’s markets. The challenge to show up-to-date financial data is a pre-requisite for any business graphic solution. Integrating single or multiple wire-feeds (Moneyline, Reuters, local newswires etc.) is also a necessity.
The Wasp3D Enterprise solution is available with a FinWiz plug-in. The FinWiz components are available in the Comb Builder and they help in creating a query based interface for creating graphics like: Top Gainers, Top Losers, Intra-day fluctuations, 52 week High and Low etc. The FinWiz component also has a Feed Handler module that communicates with the wirefeed to extract the latest data – and make this data available for the On-Air Playout. The Wasp solution comes bundled with the graph component, which users to display real-time graphs with the latest data.
Developers, interested in building on the existing Wasp framework can use the Comb Builder. Optionally developers can use COM components to in the Comb Builder for custom development.
Typically a Business Graphics deployment would require the Wasp3D Enterprise Solution along with the FinWiz plug-in.
Usage Examples: Markets DOGs, Company Stock Data, Top Gainers, Top Losers, Intra-day fluctuations, 52 week High and Low etc.

Sports Graphics is a demanding Application field – where historical and live data presentation is required instantaneously for display. Apart from simple data graphics, one is also looking for a flexible and open system that allows creating Complex computations to present Play Analysis, Predictions, Contests, and Viewer Interaction, Polls, Play simulations etc.
The Wasp3d Enterprise Architecture is modular and flexible to suit both - DEVELOPMENT and DEPLOYMENT environments. Developers can use the Comb Builders to program higher levels of interactivity and logic and can create complex data driven interface applications using C#.NET or VB.NET. The Comb Builder is a complete visual IDE which allows developers to plug-in existing COM components. Even the flexibility to re-design new Playout controllers for triggering the Sting On-Air Engine is provided. The Deployment Environment would contain the Hive and the On-Air Sting Engines and Clients.
The Wasp3D solution is also suited for software development companies providing graphics automation services in various sports.
Usage Examples: Name Straps, Timers, Clocks, Score DOGs, Line-Ups, Scorecards, Player Stats, Player Info graphics, Live Data Analysis etc.


Virtual Sets allows broadcast stations to change their backdrop sets without the need to actually build a hard set. Apart from the huge cost saving option, virtual sets provide broadcasters the flexibility to change their set frequently. Today, amongst the available real-time virtual sets applications – the most common shortcoming is their inability to move the real camera beyond the blue/green set background. So large expansive set where the camera moves from a distance into the subject shot is a limitation – not just due to the limited size of the blue/green background, but also that of the Camera control and movement.
Most Virtual sets primarily use a 3rd party chroma-keying hardware/software (which works on a video layering/compositing principle). So if you want to rotate an object around the subject, the only way you can achieve this is by replicating two sets of the same objects and defining them as foreground and background objects.
Wasp3D’s approach to create virtual sets overcomes these limitations. The user can use the Drone Designer workstation as a stand-alone virtual set; optionally he can also use the Enterprise solution for the virtual sets. The Enterprise solution provides the flexibility for the user to create multiple pre-defined camera motion paths, which he can trigger. So a single camera setup can effectively act as a multi (n numbers) camera studio.

Tickers or Crawlers perform the role of information dissemination for any channel. The information on the ticker, be it news updates , weather updates, stock prices, news flashes, sports scores, allow broadcasters to announce the latest information without interrupting the on-air show.
WASP’3D Enterprise solution allows the broadcasters to design their very own 3D tickers which can move in any direction desired. Information or news can be categorized and scheduled to display with each category carrying a different effect. The Comb builder allows users to build the user-interface for data entry and this is available across the Wasp network to authenticated users. The DataBuzz clients resides on the journalists workstations for populating the data of the ticker playlists, or for any graphic template. This networked workflow, allows journalists to add, modify, delete data instances in the playlist of the graphics on the fly.
Developers can further automate the ticker data population by connecting wire-feeds/web RSS feeds, to create a data-entry application. Optionally in the case of automated data population, the Journalists can filter the data before it gets added to the ticker playlist.
Going a step forward the unique as-run logs available in WASP’3D, allows the broadcasters to get custom reports on how many times an advertisement was aired to controlling the number of times an ad would be played back. The downstream lower third graphics can also be controlled by any master control automation solution through GPI triggers.
Typical Usage: Lower Thirds, Tickers, Bugs, Crawlers, Rolls.

Television stations require a comprehensive solution for Live Events - be it Elections, Live Shows interacting with Viewers or simply developing a shopping/auction channel. The need for collating, procesing, analysing viewer inputs and converting them into real time On Air Graphics can easily be managed with the Wasp3D solution.
Wasp3d offers tools to display live analytical graphics using pie charts,bars, tickers, Lower-thirds. Templates can be connected to databases or integrate with wire-feeds, data-gateways, web sources, RSS feeds and other data providers to analyse the results when On-Air.
Developers can use the Wasp workflow to automate the entire workflow for real-time 'Live' data presentation. You can use the Comb Builder to create the Data feed handler application and plug it into the wasp system. Optionally one can create a separate applications which populate the data into the DB and use the wasp interface to extract the latest data and display them as graphs, pie, results etc.

A Realtime Graphics Systems that can deliver quality broadcast motion graphics give you the edge. Wasp3D not just lets you animate your ideas, but provides you the WYSIWYG for animated graphics - You no longer need to create a pool of Render machines and you no longer need to wait for a frame-by-frame rendering. With Wasp, you simply play your scene for a real-time PAL/NTSC 50 fields/sec. SDI video (fill key) output.
A Built-in ChromaKeyer function, Live Video compositing, Multi-layered texturemapping, Object based Blending, a comprehensive Particle System, and a host of other features lets you unleash & realize your imagination LIVE.

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