Newsroom Solutions
. DI and Post-Production
. On Air Graphics
. Audio Production
. Broadcast
. Subtitling
. Storage
. System Integration
. Media Automation

A complete Avid Newsroom Solution offers complete command and control of the newsroom— on-air content, story assignments, rundown, and more—right from the desktop. And it links to Avid news production, on-air graphics, and play-to-air solutions as well as to a wide range of third-party solutions for a seamless broadcast workflow.

Newsroom Management

Challenge: Juggle content, rundowns, and assignments
Solution: Desktop-based newsroom management tools
Avid iNEWS is an integrated newsroom management system that provides news managers with all the tools necessary to plan, create, publish, and archive a news broadcast from the desktop. Reading wires; writing scripts; inserting graphics, captions, and production cues; and communicating instantly with others in the newsroom are all performed with a single, coordinated system.
The iNEWS rundown ties the entire newscast together: from story creation and synchronized editing to playout transfer order and control of on-air playback devices.

Journalist Editing

Challenge: Create more stories; improve quality and accuracy
Solution: Integrated story creation tools

Avid newsroom solutions help journalists take control of their turbulent workflow, because only Avid combines seamless access to shared storage, an integrated NRCS system, media search and sort capabilities, and the video tools to tell the story all in one package. The groundbreaking Avid iNEWS Instinct system puts the newsroom, the rundown, the wires, the captured video, and the script all in one journalist-friendly interface. This provides tight control of words and pictures—as well as sound tracks—so journalists can focus on telling a better story.


Field Reporting

Challenge: Stay mobile and stay connected
Solution: Web and e-mail links to newsroom
If the reporter can’t come to the station, bring the station to the reporter. The Avid iNEWS NRCS Web Client is a browser-based front end to the newsroom that allows field reporters to create and modify stories quickly and keeps them plugged into the station—from any location. And the iNEWS Data Receiver lets reporters send stories to the newsroom even when they’re not connected – they can simply e-mail breaking news from their cell phone or PDA and make news instantly accessible to everyone on the iNEWS system.


Direct newsroom graphics

Challenge: Rundown-accurate input and playback for graphics
Solution: Integrated, multi-device graphics control
The Avid news graphics workflow brings the Avid On-air Graphics solution to every desktop that needs it. Create graphic templates with the real-time Avid Deko broadcast graphics system and Avid PostDeko software. Add newscast captions, story quotes, or any other graphical text directly inside the script with the title tool in Avid iNEWS. And control multi-device graphics, stills, and clip playback from iNEWS Comand —all integrated with your newscast.

Feed Operations

Challenge: Ensure that video comes in, gets routed, and gets used
Solution: Unified I/O management
Avid CaptureManager is resilient enough to handle whatever operators can throw at it. It provides a single, intuitive interface for all incoming feeds, reducing the chance for error no matter which device is recording. Avid CaptureManager can multi-capture feeds into both high- and low-res devices simultaneously, and with Avid Interplay Low-Res Encode, both resolutions will be tracked and recognized as a single clip. And the Avid Interplay Assist tool lets producers, interns, or assistants log footage as it’s coming in, right at their desktops, so everyone who needs it can find it easily. Users can set an in- and out- point and send footage directly out to air while the news is still breaking.

Newscast Control

Challenge: Handle last-minute program changes in stride
Solution: Synchronize rundown changes and machine control
Avid Newsroom solutions let staff handle last-minute changes to stories or and rundowns, status of playout devices and channels, and timing, quickly and confidently. With the Instant Update feature, Avid iNEWS NRCS instantly synchronizes machine control with any changes made to a rundown or an iNEWS Command playlist, even while the show is on the air. Whether a story is bumped or a clip on the video server changes, everything is updated – in both directions – keeping directors and operators in complete control of multiple newsroom devices, including Avid Deko graphics devices, Avid Thunder clip and still servers, and Avid AirSpeed video servers.


Web and IP-based delivery

Challenge: Easily re-purpose video and text content
Solution : Simultaneous publishing and formatting tools
Only one tool is so tightly integrated that it publishes video, audio, graphics, and text to the Web and other IP-based delivery points, automatically, in parallel with newscast production. With Avid Active ContentManager, stations can put their news content online quickly and cost-effectively at the same time it's produced for the newscast—without adding extra resources.
And the Avid nonlinear workflow takes news stories one step further: using the Avid Active ContentManager system to create Web page templates based on the station's existing branding and page design, stories on the Web site can be dynamically generated, updated, and archived for a richer audience experience.

Election Management

Challenge: Accuracy in extraordinary circumstances
Solution: Automate election data to eliminate manual entry and reduce errors
The Avid LeaderPlus election management system is advanced enough to enable split-second updates and ensure on-air accuracy during even the most demanding events—and not just the day of the polls. Leading up to airtime, there are new graphics, new candidates, and a new Web site to prepare. Combined with the Avid Deko system for real-time on-air display of the vote totals, only Avid newsroom solutions can offer broadcasters the highest-performing combination of looks and smarts on election night.


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