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Pro Tools|HD, industry-standard audio production environment

Pro Tools|HD® workstations are integrated, modular systems that use a combination of dedicated DSP and host processing power to deliver the most powerful audio production environment available today. This cutting-edge system has earned Digidesign scores of industry accolades, including both Oscar® and Grammy® awards for technical achievement.

Unmatched Processing Power
Producing professional audio often requires more power than even today’s most advanced personal computers can handle alone. Pro Tools|HD workstations deliver unmatched processing power by using dedicated PCI and PCI Express (PCIe) DSP cards that reside inside the computer while simultaneously leveraging the resources of the host to run additional virtual instruments and signal processing plug-ins. The result is an audio production powerhouse delivering extremely low latency and exceptional performance that far exceeds other hardware-accelerated or host-based audio workstations.

Industry-Standard Pro Tools Software
Striking the perfect balance of simplicity, efficiency, and power, Pro Tools® HD 7 software is the industry-standard platform for music and post production. Familiar to professionals around the world, Pro Tools HD 7 software provides powerful, integrated MIDI sequencing, world-class editing, professional mixing and processing, comprehensive automation, industry-standard session exchange, and unparalleled video integration.

Creative Effects Processing
From pristine EQ and dynamics plug-ins that emulate classic studio processors to unique modulation effects and sophisticated amp modeling tools, the plug-ins bundled with Pro Tools|HD systems give you a full range of professional processing options. Of course, it’s also easy to expand your creative palette by selecting from hundreds of additional effects plug-ins created by Digidesign and Digidesign Development Partners — the industry’s largest third-party developer community.

Pristine Audio Quality
With unparalleled sonic quality and high-resolution capabilities, Pro Tools|HD offers maximum fidelity throughout the production process. Featuring a true 48-bit mixing architecture that yields nearly 300 dB of dynamic range, award-winning high-resolution audio interfaces and peripherals, and automatic delay compensation to ensure your mix stays perfectly time-aligned and phase coherent, Pro Tools|HD delivers uncompromising sound quality that meets the demands of even the most discerning ears.

Ultimate Flexibility
Pro Tools|HD systems are the most flexible audio workstations on the planet. Customize your system by easily adding DSP cards for increased processing power, track counts and I/O capabilities. Choose from a variety of modular high-resolution interfaces and peripherals to expand your system I/O. Incorporate a control surface for hands-on mixing. Or, for the ultimate in flexible large- and medium-format console mixing, step into the world of the ICON integrated console and experience a new level of customized mixing and extended Pro Tools functionality.

003 Family


If you’re looking to attain the same high audio production quality as commercial facilities in your own personal or project studio, the Digidesign® 003™ family enables you to do just that with truly professional results. With an extensive range of audio and MIDI I/O, high-definition audio resolution, industry-standard Pro Tools® software, FireWire connectivity, and an unprecedented bundle of powerful software, the 003 family provides everything you need to compose, perform, record, sequence, edit, mix, master, and promote your creations.

003 Factory
FireWire-based, portable Pro Tools LE audio/MIDI workstation provides hands-on control of Pro Tools through an integrated control surface. Includes over £1,400/€2,400 worth of professional-grade Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins, plus Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro.
003 Rack
FireWire-based Pro Tools LE audio/MIDI workstation offers all of the same I/O as 003 in a streamlined 2U rackmountable chassis, providing a complete professional studio in a space-saving package. Includes Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2.
003 Rack Factory
Same streamlined Pro Tools LE audio/MIDI workstation as above with over £1,400/€2,400 worth of professional-grade Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins, plus Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro.



Mbox 2 Family


Say hello to the most affordable Pro Tools LE systems from Digidesign: Meet the Mbox 2 family. Characterised by their totally portable designs, diverse yet flexible feature sets, and ultra-affordable prices, the Mbox 2, Mbox 2 Pro, and Mbox 2 Mini each offer professional features to complement your recording and mixing needs in a studio that easily fits into your backpack. And because the entire Mbox 2 family includes award-winning, industry-standard Pro Tools software, everything you create with an Mbox 2 family member can be used in professional, Pro Tools-equipped music and post-production studios around the world.

Mbox 2 Pro
FireWire-powered Pro Tools LE audio/MIDI workstation delivers high-definition sound, analogue and digital I/O galore (6x8 simultaneous channels of I/O), and plenty of studio-grade features for the highly mobile music or post professional.
Mbox 2 Pro Factory
Same highly mobile, FireWire-powered, high-definition Pro Tools LE audio/MIDI workstation as above with over £600 worth of additional professional-grade Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins included.
Mbox 2
Compact, USB-powered Pro Tools LE audio/MIDI workstation provides a wide range of analogue and digital I/O (4x2 simultaneous channels of I/O), high-quality sound, and zero-latency monitoring for musicians on the move.
Mbox 2 Factory
Same compact, USB-powered Pro Tools LE audio/MIDI workstations as above with over £600 worth of additional professional-grade Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins included.
Mbox 2 Mini
Ultra compact, USB-powered Pro Tools LE audio workstation delivers high-quality sound and analogue I/O (2x2 simultaneous channels of I/O) in a small package for singer/songwriters, solo musicians, and pros on the go at a price that’s truly affordable.
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