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High-performance, high-resolution systems that set the pace in film and television production.

Avid DS Nitris systems are designed for editors and artists who want the ultimate in finishing quality, real-time performance, creative versatility, automatic conform, and interoperability. Scale from DV25 to multiple streams of 10-bit uncompressed and Avid DNxHD - even 2K/4K media. Connect with the new Media Composer Adrenaline with Avid DNxcel systems and Avid Unity shared storage networks and collaborate at full HD resolution, in real-time, using mastering-quality, high-efficiency Avid DNxHD media

Choose the system that's right for you:

Avid DS Nitris

The Avid DS Nitris system offers multi-stream, 10-bit uncompressed HD, Avid DNxHD, and SD finishing and mastering as well as uncompressed 10-bit HD-RGB and 2K/4K file-based editing with real-time playback of up to 2K. It combines Advanced Conform and powerful creative and finishing software with high-performance Avid Nitris Digital Nonlinear Accelerator hardware for guaranteed real-time editing and effects. Create, edit, and master TV programs, films, and commercials-even theatrical releases-with the ultimate Avid finishing system.

Avid DS Assist Station

Avid DS Assist Station is a software application which features the complete DS toolset and is ideally suited to affordably expand the Avid DS Nitris workflow by offloading tasks such as conform checks, rotoscopy, graphics and composites to an assistant editor or effects specialist. Avid DS Assist Station makes the perfect complement to the hardware-accelerated power of Avid DS Nitris.

Avid DS RP

Maximize the potential of Avid DS Nitris systems. Avid DS RP systems enable editors and digital artists to explore their creative options while computationally intensive tasks are automatically processed in the background. Leverage the full power and potential of your Avid DS Nitris systems with Avid DS RP systems.


The best editor on the planet.

Since their introduction, Media Composer systems have set the standard for nonlinear film and video editing solutions. No other editing system can match the power, versatility, and refinement of the Media Composer toolset. Today, Avid offers Media Composer in a range of configurations designed to satisfy the creative and business needs of post professionals who strive to do more. Whether it’s standalone software or integrated with powerful Avid DNA® hardware, one thing remains unchanged: Media Composer is simply the best editor on the planet.

Choose the Media Composer configuration that’s right for you:


Media Composer

New software-only version

  • HD, SD, DV, and film editing
  • Full Media Composer toolset
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Add editing seats without adding hardware
  • Total Conform with Avid Symphony Nitris systems

Media Composer with Avid Mojo SDI

Affordable, professional SDI I/O

  • Compact video and audio I/O hardware
  • Uncompressed digital SD I/O
  • IEEE-1394 and analog video I/O
  • Simultaneous output to monitor and tape
  • Built-in Genlock and Word Clock

Media Composer Adrenaline

Facility-class, integrated SDI hardware

  • Comprehensive 10-bit SD video I/O
  • Up to 8 channels of 24-bit digital audio I/O
  • Built-in audio passthrough mixer
  • Performance scales with host processor
  • Turnkey software/hardware solution
Media Composer Adrenaline with Avid DNxcel

Handle any HD format with ease

  • Professional 10-bit HD-SDI I/O
  • Avid DNxHD encoding
  • Multistream HD editing and effects
  • Real-time HD effects preview
  • Simultaneous HD and SD output

Avid Studio ToolkitAvid Studio Toolkit for Media Composer
Add best-of-class tools for 3D animation, titling, compositing, and DVD authoring with Blu-Ray disc support to your Media Composer editing environment. Avid Studio Toolkit integrates the creative power of Avid 3D, Avid FX, and Avid DVD by Sonic for incredible creative power and out-of-the box productivity.

HD and SD video finishing with the real-time power of Nitris hardware.

Avid Symphony Nitris systems combine the legendary elegance of the Symphony finishing toolset, real-time primary and secondary color correction, and the real-time uncompressed HD and SD performance of Avid Nitris® DNA hardware. Together, they bring the power and productivity of Avid Total Conform and Universal Mastering to deadline-intensive HD and SD postproduction projects.

The total work flow solutions that Avid is working towards allow me to do my job better, it allows me to get more work done and then ultimately it allows me to work more profitably.
Bill Admans,
Director of Creative Editorial Services - FotoKem

Finish in uncompressed HD and SD

The incredible media processing power of Avid Nitris hardware delivers multiple simultaneous streams of 10-bit uncompressed HD and SD video with a host of real time effects, so you and your clients see results right away.

Save time with HD Total Conform and Universal Mastering

Don't rebuild creative work done on Avid editing systems. HD Total Conform automatically rebuilds every cut, effect, title, and graphic in high definition. Universal Mastering lets you deliver 24 fps-originated material to multiple formats with point-and-click ease.

Enhance quality with Symphony finishing tools

Advanced real-time primary and secondary color correction lets you keep more work in-house, for more creative control. Improve your image with motion tracking, image stabilization, scratch removal, and 10-bit titling.

Accelerate your HD workflow

Combine the power of Avid Nitris processing with the efficiency of multi-resolution, 10- and 8-bit Avid DNxHD™ encoding for real-time HD collaboration over Avid Unity media networks.

Capture more formats, more opportunities

Handle virtually any source materials and deliver the highest-quality results with comprehensive I/O connections. Uncompressed HD and SD; Avid JFIF and ABVB; and DV and IMX media are all supported-in the same timeline-for real-time finishing flexibility.


Real-world, real-time HD, SD, DV and film editing for Mac and PC systems.

There’s a reason nearly all of today’s feature films and prime-time television shows are created using Avid® systems: end-to-end, concept-to-conform creative flexibility you won’t find anywhere else. The same tools are built into Avid Xpress Pro, a full-featured editing environment for HD, SD, DV, and film that’s also ideal as a portable companion to every Avid system.

Edit faster

Open TimelineDo more, and do it faster, with the most flexible, customizable editing toolset and the best effects available. Fast, fingertip trim tools. Trim across multiple tracks, with both sides of the trim monitor updating at once. Avid’s Open Timeline for mixing multiple HD resolutions, HD and SD in the same sequence – even the same clip group for mixed resolution multicam editing.

Equally powerful on Mac and PC

Mac & PCUse the most powerful machine you can find, on the platform of your choice. With both platforms included in every box, you can work on one platform at work, another on the road any way you need it, no problem. Change your platform later? Just take the software with you!

Portable and powerful digital and analog I/O

Avid MojoAvid Mojo hardware expands the power and capability of Avid Xpress Pro with expanded I/O, hardware acceleration, and preview to a client monitor.

Avid manages media

media management toolsPowered by a patented dynamic media database, Avid’s no-excuses media management proves itself daily on the world’s most complex productions. Share bins between projects, work with multiple versions and resolutions of a project, move projects between computers with only the media you need perfectly, painlessly, every time. Your media deserves this kind of care, and so do you.

The Filmmaker’s Companion

Filmmaker's CompanionPowered by the Academy Award-winning Avid Film Composer, you can easily track advanced film metadata, including KeyKode™ and multiple timecodes, directly inside the editing interface no separate database application required. That’s just the beginning of the most complete film editing toolset in the business.

Unmatched graphics and effects

Avid MarqueeExceptionally powerful color correction with tools you won’t find elsewhere, including Curves and One-touch automatic correction means your images will look better, faster. Avid Marquee for the industry’s most complete integrated 2D and 3D title animation toolset.

If you’re working in HD, you need the industry’s first HD format designed for postproduction, Avid DNxHD: the beauty of uncompressed HD in the bandwidth of SD.

It’s all about collaboration

Avid LANshareOwning Avid Xpress Pro provides access to the ecosystem of the world’s most accomplished editors for the help you need. Built-in total conform means that you can finish projects on Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony Nitris , and Avid DS Nitris quickly, easily, inexpensively – without resorting to complicated, incomplete workflows. Easily send projects to Digidesign Pro Tools for audio finish, too.

One-stop shopping, One stop-support

Only Avid offers everything you need: editing, I/O, and storage, all integrated, with guaranteed performance for the entire system. Avid Support ties it all together, with dedicated professional support for when things go wrong, or when you just need a hand.

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